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Chinese hackers develop new custom backdoor to evade detection



Chinese hackers are known to be sophisticated and persistent in their cyberattacks. Recently, they have developed a new custom backdoor that is designed to evade detection by security software. This backdoor is specifically created to target high-value systems and is believed to have been used in a series of attacks on government and corporate organizations.

The new custom backdoor, called “RedLichen,” is designed to avoid detection by using advanced techniques to bypass security measures such as antivirus software and firewalls. It also has the ability to blend in with legitimate system processes, making it difficult for security teams to identify and isolate the malware.

The RedLichen backdoor is typically spread through phishing emails or drive-by downloads, which are techniques commonly used by cybercriminals to trick users into downloading and installing malware. Once installed, the backdoor can enable the attacker to gain access to sensitive data, such as financial records and intellectual property.

To detect and prevent these types of attacks, organizations must take proactive measures such as keeping their security software up-to-date, monitoring their network for unusual activity, and educating employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing emails. Additionally, advanced security tools such as intrusion detection systems and behavioral analytics can help detect and prevent these types of attacks.

In conclusion, the emergence of the RedLichen backdoor highlights the importance of maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture. Organizations must be vigilant in their efforts to protect their networks and data from cyber threats, particularly those that are designed to evade detection by security software.

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