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Fake IDs for Peanuts



Fake IDs for Peanuts

The Dark Web is the one-stop shop for everything shady that includes tools for identity theft and tax fraud. That’s not news. What’s news is that the former convenience store has become a drive-thru because doing the aforementioned felonies has become easier and affordable. It’s now easier for anyone who needs a new false identity to get one.

You can now get W2s and 1040 documents for the very low price of $1 and premium ones for up to $52. Wait, there’s more. Social Security numbers and names with birthdates for a minimum of just twenty cents to 62 dollars! Stay on the Dark Web for a little longer and find access rights to U.S.-based bank accounts for as little as $1000.

These bargain bank accounts will allow you to file false tax returns, claim IRS refunds and cash out via a cryptocurrency exchange for a 100+% return on investment! Call now and we’ll throw in how-to guides on how to accomplish these feats for the amazingly low price of just five dollars!

The little parody above just shows that the market for stolen information has just become more competitive as more and more hackers get into the game, and could result into an explosion of cybercrime associated with identity theft; especially when many businesses still verify using the ‘basics’ like email addresses, birth dates and pet names.

For more advanced fraud detection info, a newly-discovered cybercriminal market known as the Genesis store peddles digital profiles for $5 up to $200 that include credit-card information, web logins, IP addresses, time zones, device IDs, CPU Info, cookies and more. These are often acquired through malware infections thanks to clandestine website visits and phishing attempts.

The Genesis store even makes things easy through a GUI interface and a search bar. So anyone smart and desperate enough to get into the Dark Web can get various credentials for peanuts, get ten times the return of investment and unfortunately screw over thousands of unsuspecting victims.

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